THE ARTIST: Mexican, 1990. "My artwork invites me to meditate, to think over what is what I am carring, leting me discard it when I translate it visually. I can say that, for every piece that I make, I lost an ápex of personality, allowing me being closer of my essence. And this represents, at least, a methodology that prosecute my imagination and minimalize my universes to a simple picture. The magic and mysticism that represents my travel as human been stays in the canvas and gets shared with the viewer, but the truly elevation occurs inside me when I finish each artwork, in a intimate gesture of detachment, in order to reach the true self, that in the end, is a mere delusion."

Mariana Palova has more than forty individual shows in galleries and museums of México and United States, as more than thirty collective shows in Mexico, United States, Germany, Poland and China. In her career, she had participated in art fairs in Mexico, United States and Brasil. As speaker, she has given workshops and conferences in six public and privated universities of Mexico, in wich are included the National Plastic Arts School and the UNAM.

Bibliography | Printed Publications

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THE WRITER: ​Before art, I loved to write. I started to write stories when I was thirteen, but I never had te courage to show my work to anyone. I have been already published in a couple of magazines, showing my poems and tales related to my artwork. but, nowadays, I've finished my first book: "The Nation of the Beasts" and I am currently trying to publish it."

Literary Features

Aguaardiente Revista: Vol. .04 June 2016. Odisey of Five Lands and one Night" Tale. Country: México

Aguaardiente Revista: Vol. .02, February 2016. "The Bicephalous Moon" Poem. Country: México

Alquimia: January 2013. Full artbook of my work, including several poems and tales. Country: Spain